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    • Purchasing Raw Land for an Eventual Cabin? What Are Your Best Water and Trash Options?

      28 September 2016

      If you've recently purchased a parcel of raw land on which to eventually build your dream home (or weekend getaway), you may be planning a number of camping trips to the land before you get around to doing your construction projects. While this can be a great way to get yourself acclimated to the area and meet your neighbors, it can pose some complications when it comes to getting access to water and trash-removal services.

    • 3 Tips For Keeping Portable Toilets As Odor-Free As Possible At Your Outdoor Event

      24 May 2016

      When hosting an outdoor event, it is important to have a portable toilet around for your guests to use. While the user-to-potty ratio will vary depending on the type of event that you are hosting, you should have approximately one portable toilet for every 60 people at an outdoor event like a concert. Portable toilets are often associated with stinky odors, but this doesn't have to always be the case. A stinky portable toilet can easily ruin the atmosphere of your event, and make your guests feel uncomfortable.

    • Why Maintaining Your Septic Tank Is So Important

      10 February 2016

      If you have a septic tank for your home's plumbing system, performing proper maintenance is crucial to keep it running. While the main benefit of maintenance is to prevent the system failing, there are other reasons you should not completely ignore your septic tank. Cost of Repair Your septic tank can be very difficult to repair, with various factors contributing to the cost. If the system has been poorly mapped, there could be additional steps needed to gain access to your tank for a proper inspection.

    • Not Sure How To Care For Your Septic Tank? 3 Things You Need To Know

      1 December 2015

      If this is your first time using a septic tank, there are some things you'll need to know about their care. Unlike your typical sewer system, septic systems hold all of your household waste in underground containment units. With proper care, your septic tank won't give you any problems. One of the most important things you should know about your septic system is that the tanks will need to be emptied at least once every three to five years.

    • What Can Cause Foul Odors after a Septic Pumping?

      19 November 2015

      When you walk past your septic field, you may occasionally catch a whiff of a foul odor. This is natural and, in moderation, typically not a sign that something is wrong. But what should you do when you have your septic tank pumped and are suddenly confronted by a strong smell in your own house? Before you start packing boxes to find a new home, run through these likely culprits to identify the solution.

    • Planning Efficient Computer Removal And Upgrades

      11 November 2015

      Whether you're a small business with a little over a dozen computers or an enterprise with fully-staffed departments of workstations, getting the old systems out and upgrades in their proper place can be a challenge. Individual computers may not be too heavy for the average adult, but when technicians or movers need to carry dozens or hundreds of computers through hallways, down stairs or across parking lots to garbage bins, fatigue and mistakes can happen.

    • Properly Maintaining A Septic System

      27 October 2015

      If you have just purchased your own home, you will quickly find out the importance of taking proper care of appliances and systems within your household. The septic system is one part of your home you will need to monitor to make sure you do not suffer from unfortunate downtime. Here are some steps you can take to keep your septic system in good running condition. Clean Out Waste Call a septic service to do a complete cleaning of your septic tank.

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